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For manufacturers


Each company already known in the Russian market or only planning to begin sales of the goods, sooner or later faces the necessity of organizing the after sales warranty service. Sales level and even reputation of the manufacturer directly depends on quality level of service.


There are only two ways of solution:


1. The organizing on Russian territory service department which will take care of regional service network development, spare parts importing and warehouse keeping, technical support of service partners, processing of reports and payments for executed works.
2. To transfer powers to performance of all necessary operations of the company-provider with the developed infrastructure, staff and technologies.


The first item has a number of problems connected first of all with big financial expenses and organizational difficulties. Today in the Russian market there are only few manufacturers who work under this scheme.


The second scheme when laying warranty service on specialized service-provider is accepted by the majority of known world manufacturers now, such as Nokia, Motorola, Sony-Ericsson, Philips, etc.


The Doctor Service group of companies, being national service-provider, offers manufacturers a complex of service means on service provision across the Russian territory, including:


• service network Development
• spare parts and the equipment importing
• technical support of service counterparts
• commercial reports processing and labor done payments executed by service counterparts
• the full - function control over service counterparts under the criteria
• claims receiving and processing


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