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«We: recycle». Processing and recycling of old phones and accessories Nokia
Moscow, Russia, 17 december 2008

All Nokia authorized service centers, including group of the companies Dr.Service, became participants in project «We recycle», which primary goals – old and unnecessary phones and accessories processing, new materials usage from processed phones for new things manufacturing and environment preservation.

Nokia Phones basically consist of plastic, metal and ceramic components. 100 % of the materials-half-finished products making phone Nokia is possible to restore for creation of new products or to burn for energy saves. Use of gold, a palladium or copper expands new possibilities for processing of the restored raw materials.
Let's look at statistics – how do people nowadays concern processing of old phones? Only:
3% do it constantly;
4% get rid of old phones;
44% примерно 44% of old phones collect a dust in cases of the owners;
24% pass old phones to their friends or relatives;
16% being sold to new owners;
4% pass old phones to the charitable organisations;
5% are lost, stolen or their owners cannot recollect that they with them have made.
Nokia applies all possible efforts that old phones are never thrown out, and phones which are not needed any more, are processed in appropriate ways. It is thus very important that processing of mobile phones is carried out with use of an advanced experience and industrial standards.
Nokia is not engaged in processing itself. It attentively selects the companies to which phones and accessories to them for restoration of valuable materials are transferred. Recycling and reuse programs usually have difficult deliveries schemes. When the area of business is peculiar, Nokia concludes contracts only with the reliable and checked up suppliers and carefully supervises their activity.
Nokia aspires to make process recycling of phones as much as possible simple and convenient. Therefore for buyers the convenient environment allowing them to return the device in points of processing Nokia Care worldwide is created. The Primary goal thus – to inform each consumer Nokia the information on where it is necessary to transfer phone to processing. Program Nokia «We: recycle» is realised by means of 5000 Nokia Care work shops which are situated in 85 countries.
Consumers can return free of charge phones, batteries and accessories of company Nokia for recycling. For this purpose simply enough to bring them in the nearest Nokia Care collecting point and to throw in the special container «We: recycle». Phones can not be made by Nokia and to be in a non-working condition.
Before giving for recycling unnecessary phones and accessories, it is necessary to keep the user information and the data which is in memory of a mobile phone, and also to take the SIM CARD and a flash card.

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