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The Moscow Motorola divisions move in a new office
The Moscow Motorola divisions move in a new office situated in: 6 floor, Testovskaya str., 10, “Northern Tower” Business Centre, “Moscow-City”, Moscow, Russia, 123317.


Moscow, Russia, on February, 26th, 2008 Company Motorola, Inc. (NYSE: MOT) informs on moving of all departments of the Moscow representation to new office to the address:  6 floor Testovskaya str., 10, 6th floor, “Northern Tower” Business Centre, “Moscow-City”, Moscow, Russia, 123317.


Telephone numbers of the company remains the same: 785-01-50 (secretary), 785-0160 (fax). The new address for the post correspondence: 6 floor Testovskaya str., 10, 6th floor, “Northern Tower” Business Centre, “Moscow-City”, Moscow, Russia, 123317.


Moving of Motorola divisions to a new office, before settling down at office on Gasheka street, is carried out on February, 29th, 2008 Moving of the division located B.Ovchinnikovsky a lane 16, will be carried out a month later, on March, 29th, 2008


«Unification of all Motorola Moscow divisions will allow to optimise substantially business processes therefore we can solve more effectively problems which are put before us by our customers, says the Motorola head representative in Russia Maria Tashcheva. – We are very glad to that since the second quarter 2008 all Motorola divisions in Moscow will work at one office».


About Motorola
It is known worldwide for the innovative workings out and is the leader in the field of wireless and broadband communication. Embodying in a life idea of absolute mobility, company Motorola aspires to help you always and everywhere to remain on communication with the necessary people, to get access to the necessary information and entertainments. For this purpose we create and we offer revolutionary products and services, we build powerful communication networks, and also we give versatile technical support.
Motorola enters into number 100 of the largest companies of the world according to Fortune and works in many countries. Sales volume Motorola in 2007 has made 36,6 billion US dollars. More detailed information on company Motorola can be received at site:
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Agency Imageland PR:
Natalia Vidyaikina, PR-manager
Phone: +7(495) 785-2255
Fax: +7(495) 787-1062

Tatyana Soloviova,
Russia and CIS manager on communications and public relations
Phone: +7(495) 785-0150
Fax: +7(495) 785-0160


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