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Mobile Phones Repair in Moscow


Phone: (495) 683-35-25

              (495) 686-16-02

Fax:      (495) 683-83-29


About company

Dr. Service Group of Companies is the biggest in Russia Service Network, which includes more than 80 independant service centers. The main activity sphere is mobile GSM phones repair and service treatment, as well as smart phones, communicators, portable radiostations, and other communication devices repairs.

The developed unique service solutions help most clients to achieve demanded terms and quality of repair. By estimations of independant experts the Dr. Service group service level is even higher than in western countries.

We are proud to present to:

- Vendors: service treatmant in Russia with the set service level criteria

- Retailers: full spectrum of service treatment, including VIP treatmant

- Clients: in - warranty and after - warranty  repairs in company service centers

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